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April 27, 2012 / starstarstarstar

Move over X Factor, here comes something real

There’s been no time for blogging lately, as I’ve been working with a new act. And I’m proud to announce, after a lot of hard contractual bargaining (the boy seems to think it’s 1975 and he can stipulate a recording studio in Barbados, I put him straight on that one) that we have a new signing, Tim Bick.


I’m very excited about the possibilities with this act, and at my age that doesn’t happen very often. My doctor’s advised me to keep the excitement down to a sensible level actually, but you know doctors, they’re no fun. The most important thing is that we have songs, people. As I told Tim, production we can work on, trousers can be fitted, but songs need to be there from the off, and he is delivering. I hope to share some more news soon, as we finish some final mixes and videos.

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